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Maven is a Certified Woman-Owned Consulting Firm

Maven Consultants. Connecting You with the Telecom Experts

We help small to mid-sized Distributors, Manufacturers and Service Providers in the telecom industry expand their portfolio, increase profit and succeed, by providing unparalleled telecom expertise without the overhead and commitment of internal staff.

Maven focuses in the telecom industry—specializing on business development and sales, product management, marketing staffing, supply chain, manufacturing and distribution. Whether it’s growing sales, expanding your distribution channel or changing your go-to-market strategy, we are eager to put our skills to use in your company!

Need to Improve the Efficacy of Your Sales Team?

  • We identify trends and create metrics for maximum impact of your sales teams.

  • Increase effectiveness by creating new sales pitches, call programs, marketing campaigns, and other sales content.

  • Grow your revenue with improved sales processes.

  • Build standard operating procedures for processes such as sales calls, product development, project management, and tradeshow management.

Thinking of Expanding Your Distribution Channels?

  • We can help on-board new distribution partners nationwide to have material in all markets and reduce landed costs.
  • Get the most out of your distributors through effective presentations, sales rep communication, and relationship building.

Why is Maven Different?

We aren’t just a team sitting in a conference room advising your company—we help you do it.  We are boots on the ground implementing strategies, marketing efforts, call programs, client engagement, etc.  Our consultants wear many hats, from strategizing on conference calls to even appearing as part of your company; presenting products, managing, attending events & conferences, and interfacing with your customer base.  We present to the marketplace, exactly how you need us to at that stage of your business.

In addition, we have been in the telecom businesses for years in a variety of different capacities, and we know the markets and what the competition is doing.  Who are often the driving force behind several telecom initiatives and wins.

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We Expanded Our Marketing Team!

Maven continues to expand our marketing team and expertise to deliver proven strategies for our telecom customers. Our marketing strategists and marketing managers specialize in strategic marketing, product strategy, branding and positioning; lead generation, and has extensive experience in business-to-business and business-to-consumer initiatives.
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Press Releases

AUGUST 18, 2017

Maven Consultants Announces Ryan Schrebe as Product and Marketing Manager

JUNE 7, 2017

Maven Consultants is Awarded Local Emerging Small Business (ESB)

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