Who We Are and What We Do

We help companies sell, manage product and vendors, and maintain a clear message to the market place. Whether it’s growing sales, expanding your distribution or changing your go-to-market or marketing strategy, we can help.

  • Sales and Sales Management
  • Product and Project Management
  • Strategic Marketing and Branding
  • Inventory & Supplier Management
  • New Product Launches
  • Pricing Strategies and Volume Forecasting

Meet the Maven Team

Maven Team and What Makes Us Unique

Maven is proud of the outstanding team we have built. Though primarily focused in telecommunications, our team has a diverse background spanning several industries. This allows us to pull best-practices from many fields to help your company overcome challenges.

Maven has in-depth knowledge of the telecom industry. We sold for manufacturers and distributors, managed pricing and product launches, new markets, ran nationwide marketing campaigns, and managed vendors and contract negotiations.

We are agents of change, able to identify what is slowing you down and how to get running. But we aren’t just talk—we help you do it. We are boots on the ground, helping make the calls, secure the contracts, and move through the steps. We implement strategies, marketing plans, call programs, client engagement, you name it.

Why Hire Maven?

  • Top-notch talent but without the hassle of onboarding new employees.  Expertise, with simplicity.

  • We are independent and objective with a fresh perspective.

  • Dedicated timelines.  Time is the most precious commodity, yet employees get pulled in too many directions.  We are laser focused on objectives, freeing your team.

  • We are flexible and wear many hats.  Mavens move effortlessly up and down the corporate ladder as needed.

Are you a distributor, manufacturer or service provider in the telecom industry?  Are you ready to expand your portfolio and increase profits?  We can provide the telecom expertise without the overhead to help you succeed.

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National Association of Tower Erectors

National Association of Tower Erectors

Women’s Wireless Leadership Forum

Women’s Wireless Leadership Forum

The Wireless Internet Service Providers Association

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