We’ve built a brilliant team that really loves their clients!  Though primarily focused in telecommunications, our team has a diverse background spanning several industries. This allows us to pull best-practices from several fields to help your company grow and overcome challenges.

Additionally Maven has in-depth knowledge of the telecom industry. We sold for manufacturers and distributors, managed pricing and product launches, new markets, ran nationwide marketing campaigns, and managed vendors and contract negotiations.  We know our stuff.

But we aren’t just talk—we help you do it. We are boots on the ground, helping make the calls, secure the contracts, and move through the steps. We implement strategies, marketing plans, call programs, client engagement, you name it.

Our team wears many hats, from strategizing on conference calls to even appearing as part of your company by presenting products, managing, and interfacing with your customer base.  Our approach and solution is completely customizable.

And we present to the marketplace exactly how you need us to at any stage of your business.